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Healthy Schools

We at Croeserw are proud to have achieved Phase 5 status of the Healthy Schools Awards. We work hard to ensure that we support the health and wellbeing of children and give them the opportunity to be valued members of the school by being involved in decisions which affect the whole school. Our School Council meets regularly to discuss issues and ideas.

We are currently working on our Phase 6 Award. Our current targets are to raise awareness in the area of Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Keeping safe in and out of school is of paramount importance. The children have regular visitors to the school to raise awareness of the risks and dangers they may face and more importantly, how to deal with them. Below are some useful sites for the whole family to visit. We hope by visiting them the children will be reminded of the good advice they have already received.

E-Safety is of vital importance in school and at home. Please visit the sites below to help safeguard your children.