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Eco Schools

Welcome to our Eco Schools page

In January 2019 we were awarded our Platinum Flag. We are now working to maintain our Platinum Status.

We have an Eco Club which meets once a week and an Eco Committee. The Eco Club have completed an Environmental Review and set our Action Plan for this year.

ECO CODE – COD ECO 2022-2023

  • Turn the lights and projector off when we leave the classroom or when they are not needed.
  • Put our packed lunch in reusable containers.
  • Reuse paper before we recycle it.
  • Reduce plastic by using reusable bottles.
  • Recycle all plastic once it has been finished with.
  • Ride or walk to school if we can.
  • Put our litter in the bin and litter pick around our school.
  • Take care of the plants and any animals in the school and around Croeserw.
  • Put any uneaten food in the food bin.